How to Build Timber Stairs

timber stairs

Timber stairs are relatively light in weight, which makes them ideal for homeowners who want to save space. They can be installed easily without much of a fuss. However, these stairs can be a cause of severe allergies as some types of wood can be tough on skin. Hence, you must know how to paint timber stairs before you start using it. Let us look at how to paint timber stairs so that you do not have to worry about it in the future.

Cleaning and Painting Timber Stairs

The first thing you need to do is to clean the staircase properly before painting them. Make sure you sweep the treads and handrails thoroughly so that dust particles do not accumulate. Remove any dirt or stains using a wet vacuum cleaner. Also, wash the handrail and treads using a good quality wood soap.

When cleaning the treads of timber stairs, make sure you remove all dirt and debris gently using a clean dry cloth. If there is any left, you can rub it off using a wooden brush. When removing the handrail, you may need to use a ladder to reach it. Cleaning wooden handrails and treads can be done by brushing and waxing, respectively.

Painting is an important part of caring for timber stairs, especially if you want them to retain their original colour and style for a long time. You can choose from an array of colours including various shades of brown, grey, gold and natural wood. You should avoid dark colours for this type of stairs as the darker colours will warp the timber. If you have already painted your stairs, remember to apply a primer before adding a coat of white paint.


Once you have painted your timber stairs, you can polish them with a light-coloured wood lacquer. This helps bring out the grain of the wood and makes the staircase look great. To finish your staircase, you can add some hand railing and a protective layer of putty to all of the risers and treads. After this, you can allow the wood to dry in the sun over the next few days before installing any decorative items such as balusters.

timber stairs

Once you have installed your timber stairs, make sure you keep them well maintained. You can start by cleaning the timber treads regularly. Using a garden hose, wash the timber treads with a strong stream of water. Do this regularly, until the dirt has been removed. If you find any stubborn dirt or grit, you can use a stiff brush to remove it.


Another thing you can do to keep your timber stairs in top condition is to inspect them periodically for signs of wear and tear. You can tell if the treads and risers are getting too old in many ways. First, look at how much wear and tear the timber stairs has experienced since you bought them. If you notice that more wear and tear has been incurred than usual, then you should probably replace these parts.

Installing timber stairs is a fairly straightforward process. It is a great way to add a new level of elegance and beauty to your home. The best thing is that you do not need a high amount of skill or expensive materials to build timber stairs, which means you can build stairs in a budget. You can even build a pea gravel staircase if you prefer a cheaper alternative to use stones or concrete in your staircase. Also, you can easily find DIY how-to guides online that can help you build your stairs in a short amount of time.

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