How to Make Balustrades Work With Iron Railings

iron balustrades

Elegant iron balustrades add beauty to a home or office. They are available in different sizes and designs. Balustrading is one of the most popular and widely used architectural design and construction technique. Architectural iron balustrades are very essential balustrade designs because they offer an effective and aesthetic way to strengthen the wall of any building. Balustrading is used to reinforce the interior and exterior walls of a building.

Iron Balustrade 

Iron balustrading and handrails are the most commonly used materials for balustrade designs. Creative Wrought Iron Balustrades & Handrails let your imagination run wild. Whatever your needs – indoor, outdoor or curved, straight or curved, simple or intricate residential designs or large commercial works – there is wrought-iron balustrades and handrails to meet your needs. Iron balustrading designs can be simple or customized, depending on the owner’s preferences.


Balustrading can be designed with either balustrading columns or balustrading moulds. The cost of making these designs depends on the material used. Materials like wood, wrought iron balustrades cost more. Metal or steel balustrading costs less. Balustrading moulds can also be custom made to meet your exact design specifications.

In case of a spiral stair design, balustrade choice is crucial because a wrought-iron balustrade will not fit perfectly into that spiral shape. For spiral staircases, it is better to use balustrading moulds because they are produced as a solid piece from the moulding process. Hence, no distortion is noticed when the rail is finally assembled at the top of the staircase. Wrought iron balustrades cost more because they are heavier than the moulded railings. Moreover, they require less maintenance and are stronger.

Another type of staircase balustrade is a wrought iron balustrade that stands alone. These are very versatile and lend themselves to unusual architectural styles. A wrought-iron balustrade with curved corners can add grace and beauty to an otherwise plain and ordinary staircase. Staircase balusters made out of natural stone are also very popular these days. They help give the staircase an old-world charm and give the area a beautiful antique feel.

iron balustrades

Curved Stair Balustrade

A curved stair balustrade made of wrought iron is a good example of a spiral balustrade. It can either stand alone or be used along with balusters. Curved railings, on the other hand, have a simple and elegant look, which makes them ideal for very small and modest staircases. Curved railings can also be used in conjunction with balusters, but the overall effect is much enhanced if the balusters are used alone.

Wrought iron balustrades are the most common of all balustrading materials… get rid of all those plastic balustrades! Balustrading made from wrought iron has its disadvantages, mostly the weight. Balustrades made from wrought iron are generally quite heavy. That is why it is advisable to use the railings that are lighter than those used in wrought-iron balconies.

Final Tips

The bottom line is do not sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars. Balustrading made from wrought wood costs more than the balusters and wood balusters from plastic. But that does not mean that working wood balustrading is inferior. It may have a higher price tag, but it is long-lasting and very durable. With proper maintenance and repair, it will last a lifetime.

To achieve this look, ask your wrought iron balustrades designer to show you a swivel design. The best designs have “Spirals” in the design. These spiral-shaped balustrades give a unique look and they can be used to achieve the same style for your stairs, as you have for your porch. If you want to give a different look to your stairway balustrade, you can always use balusters instead of spirals. Balusters can also help to balance out the “Spirals” in the design.

You can choose from many different styles of balustrades. Some designs are designed to fit snugly up against the balustrades in your staircases, or you can select designs that drape over the balustrades. Some of these spiral stair designs are very elaborate and require extra brackets to hold them on the railings. If your staircases have straight balustrades without curves, you can use balustrades that just drape on the balustrades.

If your wrought iron balustrades have a round, square or rectangular shape, you can use any type of baluster to hold them on your railings. Many of the balusters that are designed to hold onto the railings are circular. These will give the staircases an appealing, unique look. These can also provide a nice touch of artistic style to your staircases, depending upon the materials that they are made of. If you are looking to add some personality to your staircases, balusters are a great choice.

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