Staircase Design Ideas

staircase design

The staircase design is very important in Feng Shui design. The number of stair sets is particularly important for good luck. There are two methods to count the total number of stair sets in traditional Feng Shui. First, you could count stair sets by three digits.

This is called the Zhen Zig Zhen, or the “Z” in Zhen Zig Zhen. The second method is a little more involved. It’s called Zhen Qi. That’s short for Zhen Gong, which means “the green plant”. The number of railings and balustrades on your staircase is more important than the tread or the railing itself. The reason is that the stair tread and the railing determine the amount of positive energy that will flow up and down the staircase.

When you choose your staircase design, you will want to consider this as well. Staircase design rules will tell you that if you have only one staircase going up to the second floor, then you should have a staircase that goes all the way up to the ceiling. In some cases, this may not be a problem, but if you have a staircase that goes up to two levels, the energy has to spread over more floors. If you have one staircase going up to the first floor, it’s easy for the positive energy to flow from the first floor to the second floor and then back down again.

Interior Staircase Design

If you have an interior staircase design, there is another rule that you should consider. This one says that there should be a balanced staircase design. The more steps there are, the more chances of people bumping into each other and falling. staircase floors should be fairly level or at least near level. If the staircase is very long, you should take note of how many steps it has. The more steps the stairs have, the more chance that someone could trip and fall.

The area where you want to place your staircase design is important as well. You should try to make sure that it flows smoothly. There should be no stairs that are sticking out on different sides of the room. It would be very hard to walk up and down those stairs. If you want a nice smooth design, then you should try to put the stairs close together and cover up the angles on the staircase front and back.

staircase design


Staircases can also be placed against opposite walls. For example, if you have a staircase design in the kitchen is on the first floor, then you should place the staircase design next to the kitchen. If the staircase is the longest in the house, then you should be able to place it against the second floor. The stairway should flow smoothly from one floor to another without being too crowded with stairs.


The final detail of an interior staircase is the style. There are a lot of different styles that you can use for your staircase design. If you want something that is not so common, like a spiral staircase design, there are some options you have. A spiral staircase can be made by putting stair risers and handrails in the staircase. There are also a lot of interior staircase designs that have glass panels on the bottom part of the staircase. These glass panels can serve as a safety barrier if there is an emergency exit.

You can find more details about staircase designs on the internet. There are plenty of websites that have more detailed information about the different options that you have. You can also find a lot of beautiful images of stair designs that you can look at. Make sure that you take your time and search around for ideas before choosing a certain staircase design for your home.

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