Steel Stairs: For Durability and Beauty!

steel stairs

Stainless steel stairs have become an increasingly popular choice among architects, designers, and contractors. These stairs offer a sleek design and sophistication for any home or business. A steel staircase is constructed from steel, which has the strength and durability required for high traffic areas. Stainless steel staircases also have the advantage of providing homeowners with a chance to be creative and add their personal touch to their staircase design. Besides, many staircases on the market today can be customized to meet the specific needs of the homeowner, as well. Several questions need to be asked when choosing how to build steel stairs.

How Much do Steel Stairs Cost?

One question that homeowners often ask themselves when considering the cost of constructing a new staircase is how much they would be able to save over other options. A traditional staircase made from wood, concrete, or stone can easily cost in the thousands; while, a steel spiral stairway can easily cost less than half of what you’d pay for an equally effective wooden staircase. Because spiral staircases are less expensive, they can also be purchased by a wide variety of budgets.

How to Build Stainless Steel Stairs

The building code for building stairs in most cities requires the use of stainless steel treads and risers. Some stairs that are constructed from traditional lumber may not be required to contain these steel components. However, in most cases, steel stairs are completely necessary to ensure that the stairs function properly. Steel does not rust, chip, or dent, so it is a durable material that can last for decades.

steel stairs

How to build steel stairs The type of metal used to make the staircase is an important consideration when choosing how to build steel stairs. It’s usually best to choose lightweight steel stringers, as they can be easily carried up or down the staircase. Since they are made of metal, they will generally resist corrosion that can occur with other materials. When selecting the type of metal used in the staircase, make sure the manufacturers’ suggested coating is compatible with the colour and gloss of the staircase. Avoid using nickel-zinc alloy, because this metal will oxidize and form a black spot on the staircase if it is in contact with air.

A typical set of stainless steel stairs consists of risers, handrails, balusters, and cup rails. The handrail is placed at the bottom, which helps to maintain a constant height. Cushions on the balusters can help to prevent people from slipping off the stairs. If the balusters are not installed properly, they could swing out at an angle, causing people to trip or fall.

Prefabricated Stainless Steel Stairs

Prefabricated steel stairs come in many varieties, allowing manufacturers to produce a standard set of staircases. The style of the landing is also important when choosing prefabricated steel stairs. The most common type of landing is a carpeted base, which allows for a very smooth transition from floor to ceiling. Some stairs, however, have a non-carpeted landing, for those homeowners who prefer a non-smooth, more rugged appearance. Lighter coloured concrete or stamped concrete can also provide a smoother transition from floor to ceiling.

As you are looking for a new staircase, check the building codes in your area to see which types of staircases are allowed in your home. There are several retailers available that specialize in selling stair parts, including ReadyTo soar stairs, Strathwood stairs, Kingsley stair parts, Castile stairs, and Banbury stair parts. With an investment in prefabricated steel stairs, you can update the look of your home without having to remodel the entire house! The base price of your new stairway will be determined by the manufacturer and the amount of customization you want.

The cost of steel stairs, whether they are assembled or fabricated at the factory, is relatively low compared to the cost of other types of construction. The savings often extend to the level of customization you get. Many of the manufacturers that provide ready to assemble (RTA) stairs also offer custom colour, stain, and finishes. By choosing to purchase structural steel from a manufacturer that offers custom finishes and design services, you can make your staircase the envy of the neighbourhood!

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